Monday, December 8, 2008

The Competiton

I haven't done the Gilad workout at all in about 10 days. But, I have painted 2 bathrooms and painting and going up and down the ladder was somewhat of a workout. Tomorrow I will be back to doing Gilad once a day! I have been walking my 3 miles a day - 2 miles in the morning and at least 1 mile in the afternoon. I have not lost a single pound, and in fact at times I have gained weight, then lost then it's back. I hate that!

The best news is Candra has started walking with a buddy that walks 8 miles a day! Way to go Candra. Those sacks of oats are going to be getting smaller and smaller until all you're hauling around is a couple of coconuts!

Meredith - Steve says running in the cold without a lot of bundling up burns a lot of calories as your body burns them to stay warm.

I am going to go absolutely wild these last two weeks of the competition, because I have turned into one big sack of oats!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gravy bowl stomach

Wobble Wobble, Gobble Gobble, I have a gravy bowl stomach now! I have gained 2 of the 4 pounds that I had lost :( because I didnt do any exercises during Thanksgiving week(it's sacreligious). I did do 2 exercises the week before Thanksgiving and this week I have done 2 miles of walking on Monday and 30 min of running in the 30 degree weather(I think that constitutes a winner right there) last night. Tonight I am going to see the Rockefeller tree be lit so I'm afraid I will have no time for workouts :( Anyway, if anyone wants to get a last minute flight up to NYC we are having the sample sale this coming Monday-Thurs.

How is everyone else doing?!?!?