Friday, October 31, 2008

Richard Simmons says "PUT DOWN THE CANDY"

I was just about to say the same thing: 8 weeks left! which is plenty of time to reach your goals.  

I am going to be in Shreveport for New Year's Eve!!! See you there Gen Genevieve!

8 weeks left!!

Girls-we have basically 8 weeks left in the competition so I just wanted to encourage everyone to keep it up..thats a lot of weeks left to get in great shape and lose weight!! I know I am going to kick it up a notch and start using free weights..I also really hope mcdonald's monopoly ends soon bc I am a sucker for collecting those stamps..Also I need to know who I have for Christmas so I can think of a gift before I go broke..which will happen in the near future!! love everyone and happy halloween!!!!  Also what is everyone's new years eve plans??  I will be here if anyone wants to come party in shreveport...but you cant turn into one of those pumpkins...that will be my job...jk

Vomiting pumpkins

Honestly whoever did that was very creative and I am going to be doing that on my steps next year I liked it so much..I mean setting up pumpkins like that-not vomiting..This year if you exchange those beers with candy that could be me because I am stuck up at the library studying feeling sick because I am eating soooo much candy.....


MOM- that picture is very funny! and it reminds me that patrick dean had to get his stomach pumped on Halloween in 7TH GRADE! from alcohol poisoning! He was doomed from the start! 

I have not done ANYTHING this week besides my regular walking back and forth from school. I have a few tests and schoolwork and haven't found the time. But while pondering this thought today I realized that there is ALWAYS time for exercise (unless of course, you seriously don't have time). 30 minutes of jogging will only make a stressed individual feel better! And let's face it..I spent all sorts of time doing others things while studying! 

All of these little kids are trick or treating right now! They are so freakin cute!! I'm about to run out of candy but my neighbors just lent me some. There's way more kids this year than there was last year. I don't know what that's about. Prob because it's a Friday? who knows!
I have to stay in and study and I'm not happy about it. Goodbye.

Also, Candra..I've never heard of a 20 year old unwrapping and rewrapping presents on Christmas Eve..

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I find it hard to believe that no one has commented on my sick pumpkins pic!

Don't Do It!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Candra good job on the exercise!!  Did you ever pick a winner for the comforter contest??

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I was thinking of those black pants ya'll were talking about and it reminded of my last "fat" phase. When I was in college I gained a lot of weight the first semester. I came home the first week of December and brought a friend home with me. Your dad, Tom, me and my friend stayed up late after everyone else had gone to bed and opened all our presents and rewrapped them so my mom would not know. I opened this one box that was a gift to me from Donna. It had the biggest pair of black ployester pants you have ever seen. I mean 100% polyester with a big elastic waist band. It was that kind little old ladies where! Lovely
Well I walked an hour last night and played tennis for 1.5 hours today. I also hate under 1500 yesterday and today. So basically..... I'm frigin starving and dying for a little chocolate. But am I going to eat it?...... NO! I'm going to bed instead

Monday, October 27, 2008

Checking In!

I ran 2x this week for 30 mins each
In replacement of the other runs, I did a 30 min Billy Blanks one day
and I did the 55 min billy blanks saturday..which I am suffering miserably from right now.
And yesterday I walked around for about 1.5 hours.
crunches/pushups/bunbusters, 2x this week instead of my planned 3x
I did not do my 2 planned bike rides

I'm keeping the same plan for this week. 

Hoo Ra RA!


YAY!  I cannot wait for all of light and lovely's comments!! 
I have stuck to my workout plan but continue to do only fifty of lunges, situps, squats, etc rather than increasing each week..I also ran six miles a couple of days rather than 3 each day...Hope everyone else is burning calories up a storm..

Welcome Light & Lovely

I'm glad you finally made it L & L!! Now you can report your weekly progess and your plans. I kept with my plan for last week, although I never did play tennis. We were on our way when I accidentally let El Beagle out, which my girls understand made me run around more than if I'd been on the tennis court! In fact, I was so tired when we finally caught her I couldn't get up the energy for tennis.

Today I just walked two miles and I'm now doing the Gilad workout. I will keep my usual plan, but change it up just a big by saying I might do Gilad 5 x a week instead of Gilad 3x and yoga 2x. And I am still walking - trying for three miles a day 7x a week, so I'm going up from 15 miles to 21 miles! I need to see more changes in the ol' body!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

how does one...

2 kids and fifty pounds is how ya get a bag of oats!!
HELLLOOOO EVERYONE!! I finally made it thanks to the wonderful and great Meredith! love, light and lovely

Saturday, October 25, 2008


How does one go from a two pack

to two large sacks o' oats?

Friday, October 24, 2008


I dont know how does one go from no abs to a four pack overnight....guess i am just superfit....
Geez how does one go from not running at all to running 6 miles? hmmm......But good job anywhoo!! and to all a good night!

Reporting for others

Keely did the Gilad workout yesterday morning at 6:30am and part of it after work! WAY TO GO KEELY! Genny ran 6 miles. Woo Woo! Way TO GO GENNY!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

OH MY GOSH!  Everytime I look at that I laugh out loud...How did someone get a butt like that!!! hahahahaha

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


by the way when i do crunches, I change the type I do every 25 counts. So i do about 8 different kinds of crunches.

My Plan!

run 30 mins x 5
200 crunches x 3
100 bunbuster (per leg) x 3
10 pushups x 3
Bike x 2
I'll take the black pants. ps- it's not so much about the lbs. as it is sticking with the plan and being healthy.

The Black Pants

I'll take the black pants (if they're not too small for me), since I have gained 3 lbs since we started.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Congrats LOSERS!!

I am now at 125.8....I am back on track with my workout after the stressful test situation...Lets see this week...Run three miles a day, 5o crunches, 50 lunges, 30 pushups, 50 goal for the week is .8 pounds..All of my black pants are too big so maybe some of you ladies would like to have them?? 

Yes, I am leading the competition!

My report for the week: I have a story of success!
3-1/2 Gilad's excercise (1/2 more than planned)
1 Yoga (1 less than planned)
15+ miles of walking (more than planned)
3 x 25 sit ups on the ball and 20 pushups (less than planned - actually I lost count on this and I might have done the right amount - not sure)
9 holes golf - this was extra
Didn't play 1 singles tennis as planned, but hopefully this week (after all, I do have to have someone on the other side of the net to hit the balls back and I didn't have that opportunity last week)

I am going to walk more...not sure how much, but next week when reporting in, I'll let you know how much more, and in the meantime I'll keep my other stuff the same. The weight went back up, but the body is improving!!!


My report in for the week is.... 3 hours of cardio and 2 days of pushup/bunbusters/crunches.
I sense that mom is leading in the competition.

I'm going to adjust my plan a little bit for this week.
I'll be posting it shortly.

Don't do it!

Don't do it! Put down the giant burgers and pick up the broccoli!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Is it normal to experience a weight gain when beginning an exercise program?

Yes, but only temporarily. In  most cases, the gain is due to fluid retention caused by the soreness of your muscles.

Mom, I know this doesn't pertain to you anymore but thought I'd share the information.

Competition's not over!!

HAHAHA sick picture of that lady! Well the week isn't over til tomorrow night. So you could still do that yoga and the singles tennis. I'll report in tomorrow.

Yoga - I did it!

For this weeks's challanges I have done everything except 1 yoga and 1 singles tennis. I'd say it's me who is winning the competition!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Way to go, mom! You're walking down the path of success!

DOWN...DOWN...DOWN add other lb down! And more importantly, I'm definitely noticing body changes for the better!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

a few things..

1st of all, I haven't done anything this week! I have been soo tired and haven't had enough time(debate, oval open houses, etc). Secondly, 3 people have asked me this week if I am losing weight because they say def look a lot smaller! so something must be happening! And lastly, when I am in Austin maybe I can drive to Aunt Candra's house after I go to Mount Bonnell and show her how to get on this dang blog!

Butts in gear..

I'm reporting in also so I can get my butt in gear. MY BUTT has been way out of gear this week and this not ok. I have walked 3 miles in all since Monday. And please no one judge me...but if I dont get this out in the open i'll feel guilty...ok i'm gonna say it...I ate a whole thing of ben and jerrys s'mores ice cream yesterday. i dont know what got into me. Mia brought it over here and I went wild. It won't be happening again. I have got to get going! 

I've got a ways to go....

I'm reporting in what I've done this week so I'll keep focused on what I want to accomplish and do what needs to be done this week! I've done the Gilad workout 2.5 times (1/2 time because I was afraid of being so sore I wouldn't be able to move), no yoga, but have done the 3 miles a day walking. I've done the situps and pushups only one day...and it's Thursday. So, I better get with the program!! How are you girls coming with your walking?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


OMG! I just lost 2 lbs laughing!!!

Picture of myself!

This is a before picture of myself! This way I can compare results once I've lost weight!
I love teacakes..those look divine. I can't believe Sam ate 4! I thought normal people could control themselves! I think Candra has gotten into the pantry and out of the competition! Where is she?? 

Lunch with Sam Haynie

I just had lunch with Sam Haynie who was passing through on her way to Baton Rouge. I made tea cakes and yes, I ate 2, and also made the cornbread chicken with cilantro dressing. YUMMY!!! I think that chicken is a healthy meal, but I can't say the same for the tea cakes! I am taking the rest to the office so I don't eat them! Sam ate 4!

Yes, where is Keely? I assume at work? Another site to look at is the missionslimpossible blog without the - . They seem to have the same thing going we do...only a bit more serious!

hungry girl is a really good website. It shows you tons of recipes that have half the fat! Keely was right, it's really good. Also, I feel like i'm in the mood to make the pumpkin muffins keely recommended! mmmm


Keely must be having trouble with the blog too. she is nowhere to be found.


Woohoo goo Mommmmmy! Now you can celebrate by having a glass of water and some soy crumbles! I told you it just takes a little time sometimes!

Finally!! I got on the scale and....

My weight is down this morning!! WOO WOO (not down as much as this scale, but still down!)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Candra will be going us soon!`

Candra will be joining us soon. Seems she forgot what email she used to sign up to our blog - GoodLookinMama (no wonder she forgot he he), can now log on!!

6 Pack

Genny..does your 6 pack look like this?

Research weight gain

Mom- you should do a little research on that! I'm sure it is normal for some people.

Back to start

I'd like to be back to where I started...I've gained weight and this morning weighed 141~!
Genny, that weight probably is right..the ridalin makes you drop weight like crazy without ever working out. I, however, got on the scale this morning and it says i am back to where I started: 142!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Workout Plan

Well I didn't stick with mine as well as I should have I guess.
I did 2 hours total of cardio, my goal was 5 hours. (if I include my walking to and from school, it adds 3 hours onto the 2 I did at home, but that wasn't in my plan).
I did my crunches/bun busters/pushups combo 2 days this week, my goal was 6 days. hehe. 
Better luck next week! Having to report in makes me want to accomplish my goals more though, that's for sure! I hope everyone feels that way! We need to get competitive with ourselves!!
Everyone here is capable of reaching every goal inside their heads! Stay confident and positive no matter what!

Workout Schedule

I have not stuck to my workout schedule since i think Thursday due to my test..However the scale this morning said 124.1 pounds..which seems way too low...I ate Mcdonald's again this morning..its monopoly time and i am such a sucker for that...anyway I am meeting my weight loss goal but not my fitness goal..Dont worry I am sure I will fatten up post- test :(


I was two short of my workouts! But I got on the scale and I have lost 2-4lbs. I think I was dehydrated when it said 4 pounds so let's just say 2! My workout schedule is the same for this week.

Weekly Work-out

Just reporting in. Although I gained a couple of pounds (ugh!), I am feeling pretty good because I did all my walking, 3 Gilad work-outs, 1 yoga work-out, which is 1 less than the 2 I said I would do. But I did weed the flower garden for an hour and play golf, so that might be a good substitute. I was also short on my situps on the ball and pushups...I did those 3 times each rather than the 5 I planned. My excuse is that I was too sore to move for a couple of days, but really I just need to DO IT! There should be no excuse! So, this week I am keeping the same plan, and I am adding at least one hour of singles tennis to it. And now I'd like to hear how y'all did. And Remember - Don't Do It! Put down the cookies and cake and pick up the broccoli! You will feel better!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

cookie crazed

I WAS crazed..I was very excited about those cookies. I think I remember Candra and I eating most of those by ourselves. Mom, have you really been hula hooping?

McD's, Butterfingers and Crazed Eyes

That's okay, Gen! Dana you looked !!cRazEd!! over cookies in that pic with L & L.


ooopps I had a minor setbackk...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ways to Work Out

I have found the hula hoop to be a useful work out tool.

Going to see Tyler Florence!!

We are going to see Tyler Florence today! I can't wait to get a taste of his food (surely we will, right?) Is anyone jealous?

Food in the Box

Until I clicked on the picture, I thought that was fried chicken! Did those come from Collin Street Bakery? Yummy! What a funny pic!

Aunt Candra?

I believe we have a new blogger listed under "Our Family Team", named Light and Lovely...
Could this be Candra the Cookie Eater
Click on the picture for a closer view of what's in the box!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Apparently if you are going to have a picture up you need to be eating something in it..I am sorry I did not get the memo..

Post workout headache

Does anyone else ever sort of feel sick after they get done working out? 
Is it just me?

OOps..make that " PUNISHING Peaslee"

They call me "Painless Peaslee"

Bowling ain't gonna build yer muscles!


Half of this group will be bowling tonight to burn some extra calories!!

Broccoli Babes

Hi Girls! I am your friend!

My new Blogger name

Punishing Peaslee?? hahaha
That picture of the boy trying to eat the cookie on his shoulder is hilarious! hahahaha
So my new name for the moment will be DaintyDane.

1 delicately small and pretty
2 fastidious or difficult to please, typically concerning food : a dainty appetite.

Perfecto Para me.

Me with the red hair

Notice I am also the skinniest of the group!


AHAHHAHHA That's me with the red hair!

don't do it!

we don't wanna look like this do we? "put down the cookies and candy bars and put up the broccoli"


Hola familia,
Those are some might funny posts!! Thanks for the laughs..Unfortunately I will not be able to contribute until Tuesday as I am going underground for the next three days to study for my exam..IF you see me on facebook, please kindly remind me that there is nothing on faceboook that will be on my test...Thank you!

That Lunch Lady is might cute!

Genny is going to catch up with the blog in the library. I get she'll laugh so much she'll snort!

I think that's a girl eating a cookie off her shoulder!


haha what the hell is that boy doing? eating cookies off his shoulder? Punishing peaslee means you are punishing everyone b/c you are doing so much working out we can get even close to your muscular abilities.

Punishing Peaslee?

What kind of name is Punishing Peaslee?

Can someone come make me lunch, please.

Hahaha that IS Tess's boyfriend!! I had instant breakfast this morning. Your rosemary bread with drizzled olive oil, and bread with pepper jack cheese is sounding better than anything I have available in our kitchen on a budget right now. Mom, can you come up here and cater to my every need? After all, what are moms for!!


Dieting Dana, Danish, dainty, Delores...

Genny's can be "Slim Jim" short for Brother Jimmy

Mom yours can be Bench-Pressing Peaslee, or punishing Peaslee

Naked Man on the Bike

Isn't that Tess's boyfriend?

Naked Bike Ride

AHAHAHAHAH on the Naked Bike Ride picture! Hopefully if you're going on a naked bike ride, Jim is NOT going with you!
Ha ha on Denigrating Dana. How about Delightful Dana? While Bag of Oats is funny, we should prepare ourselves for the possibility that Candra might want a different name. Congo Candra? hehe
For breakfast I had two very small pieces of Rosemary Potato bread toasted with 2 teaspoons of olive oil (I have now started measuring rather than drizzling), tomatoes and basil. For lunch I had two slabs of bread with two slabs of pepper jack cheese and green tea, a few pistachios, a few almonds, and a few walnuts. Instead of "handfuls", I am now eating 2-3 pieces of each of these . I am about to have my daily dose of bittersweet chocolate. A little bit is good for u!

Bike Ride

Since we should be talking about our working out ventures I would like to let y'all know that I will be going on a bike ride.
I may or may not want to go naked.
I haven't yet decided.

Denigrating Dana..

MOM! yea right! They wouldn't allow you to be on the biggest loser! I want a new name too. Should it be Denigrating Dana? oops..I thought that meant to widdle away, like my body will be doing. But I just looked it up and it doesn' means to criticize, chastise, and attack. That is not a good name! I'm going to think of some names for you.

Where the hell is Bag of Oats? She's been missing. What should I have for lunch?


I had a Miso soup bowl with wheat soba noodles, mushrooms,snowpeas,soybeans, and seaweed! boy was it yummy! and for breakfast had a soy yogurt!
I'm hungry, but I'm ignoring it. Looks like Keely is on, so now it's just Candra....I called her but no answer.
We should not be leaving Big Eater alone with her 1 pound sandwich...I bet Bag of Oats is having trouble signing on..


Thank you, Mini! I thought I was all alone here. I'm hungry, too, but I'm going to do Gilad. about MAM - Mad About Muscles. But, it looks like MAMmary, so maybe not?
Hello? Is anyone there? I feel so's just me and my sandwich.


Also, BigEaster, I heard that you gain a couple of pounds before losing actual weight when you start working out. The muscles start developing and need some time to burn away the fat. I think your name should be Quarter-Pounder but that makes me SUPER hungry again!


So I wasn't hungry until I saw that YUMMY sandwich from Carnegie Deli and now I'm starvvving!

New Name

I definitely want a new name. Any suggestions? Here are some of my ideas:
Quarter Pounder (this doesn't refer to McDonald's, but rather to my losing 1/4 at a slow, steady and lasting rate)

Weight gain - it must be muscle?

Yee Gads! I have gained another 1/2 lb. Does this mean muscle is taking over? I fear drastic measures might be necessary. On Sunday y'all might be shocked at my next weeks program. I might resort to calorie counting (shhhhh) and doubling my walking efforts...and I might even run! I also might change my name. BigEater has certain connotations associated with it...
Well, if I keep gaining I can go on the show The Biggest Loser, which many of you know has been a lifelong dream of mine. Well - not lifelong, but the last two years...

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Where's my sannie?

Has anyone seen my sandwich? I set it down and can't find it....oh, yeah..I forgot..I ate it all!

molded bread

oh and yea thats ok if you ate the whole thing...i ate a whole loaf of bread when i saw mold growing on it.


I'm hungry...what do i do?

Is eating an entire canteloupe healthy??

My canteloupe was going bad so I ate the whole thing...My stomach hurts.

Yay! The VERY FIRST post!

Well here's the first post. I'm starving for my 4th meal of the day! A great way to start the Mission Slim Possible! Good luck and African dreams to all...