Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekly Work-out

Just reporting in. Although I gained a couple of pounds (ugh!), I am feeling pretty good because I did all my walking, 3 Gilad work-outs, 1 yoga work-out, which is 1 less than the 2 I said I would do. But I did weed the flower garden for an hour and play golf, so that might be a good substitute. I was also short on my situps on the ball and pushups...I did those 3 times each rather than the 5 I planned. My excuse is that I was too sore to move for a couple of days, but really I just need to DO IT! There should be no excuse! So, this week I am keeping the same plan, and I am adding at least one hour of singles tennis to it. And now I'd like to hear how y'all did. And Remember - Don't Do It! Put down the cookies and cake and pick up the broccoli! You will feel better!

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