Monday, October 27, 2008

Welcome Light & Lovely

I'm glad you finally made it L & L!! Now you can report your weekly progess and your plans. I kept with my plan for last week, although I never did play tennis. We were on our way when I accidentally let El Beagle out, which my girls understand made me run around more than if I'd been on the tennis court! In fact, I was so tired when we finally caught her I couldn't get up the energy for tennis.

Today I just walked two miles and I'm now doing the Gilad workout. I will keep my usual plan, but change it up just a big by saying I might do Gilad 5 x a week instead of Gilad 3x and yoga 2x. And I am still walking - trying for three miles a day 7x a week, so I'm going up from 15 miles to 21 miles! I need to see more changes in the ol' body!

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