Monday, October 20, 2008

Yes, I am leading the competition!

My report for the week: I have a story of success!
3-1/2 Gilad's excercise (1/2 more than planned)
1 Yoga (1 less than planned)
15+ miles of walking (more than planned)
3 x 25 sit ups on the ball and 20 pushups (less than planned - actually I lost count on this and I might have done the right amount - not sure)
9 holes golf - this was extra
Didn't play 1 singles tennis as planned, but hopefully this week (after all, I do have to have someone on the other side of the net to hit the balls back and I didn't have that opportunity last week)

I am going to walk more...not sure how much, but next week when reporting in, I'll let you know how much more, and in the meantime I'll keep my other stuff the same. The weight went back up, but the body is improving!!!

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