Tuesday, November 11, 2008

keep it up and don't do it!

Good job LL and Dainty! I was out of town early Fri morn until Monday noon, but I did walk while I was out of town - up and down a very steep hill to Monticello. Candra and Genny do you know what Monticello is? (without looking it up?) Before I went out of town I did Gilad's workout 4 times and walked 3 miles each day. So, I'm keeping my same plan. Alas, I would like to lose some belly fat, but everything else is looking good! This morning I weighed in at 141 OUCH!, but I think it might be H2O retention as I had a very salty meal for dinner. Love you girls! Keep up the good work! Put down the cookies and candy and cake and pick up the broccoli!

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